Planters Pots and Hanging Baskets

Planters pots and hanging baskets are brilliant introductory features to add to your existing garden. Whether you prefer a modern or whimsical feel, adding hanging baskets and planters are a simple and cost effective way to decorate an outdoor space. With a range of colours and unique basket and pot designs, the team at Russell & Son consider your desired style when offering suggestions for particular pots and their accompanying plants and flowers.

Hanging baskets and planters pots help to give your garden a beautiful and professional finish without having to do too much work. If you find yourself looking at empty ledges or blank walls, adding these decorative touches immediately makes an outdoor space feel more intimate and inviting. If you haven’t quite made up your mind on which to go for, we pride ourselves in putting together a unique selection of both pots or hanging baskets and suggest complimentary plants and flowers. Whatever the requirements, our decorative tips can give your garden that ‘wow’ factor - give us a call and let us show you what an impact smart and simple outdoor decoration has on your garden!